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  Cell Culture
  • Caco-2 cell line (.doc)
  • Raw Macrophage cell line (.doc)
  • Freezing down cells (.doc)
  • Working Volumes for Tissue Culture Vessels (.xls)
  • MTT viability assay (Google Doc)
  • Greiss NO assay (Google Doc)
  • Standard curve frequently asked questions (Google Doc)
  Florescent Staining
  • Live/Dead analysis of live adherent cells with CellTraker and PE for microscopy (.doc)
  • Apoptosis/Necrosis of non-fixed adherent cells with Invitrogen Apoptosis Kit #3 for microscopy (.doc)
  • Adherent cell ROS staining for flow cytometry (.doc)
  • Adherent cell Superoxide staining for flow cytometry (.doc)
  • Isolation of Human Blood Monocytes (.doc)

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Grad School 101 Links

  Journal Impact Factors
  Help with Developing a Good Lab Notebook
  • From Knox and Stuart at UConn (.pdf)
  Poster Help
  Advice on Research and Writing
  Piled High and Deeper Comics (link)


  Undergraduate Research Fellowships
  Graduate Fellowships in Science and Engineering (most require US citizenship)
  Post-Graduate Fellowships in Science and Engineering (most require US citizenship)

Employment Links for People with PhDs in Science and Engineering



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