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Cell Culture
  • Caco-2 cell line (.doc)
  • Raw Macrophage cell line (.doc)
  • Freezing down cells (.doc)
  • Working Volumes for Tissue Culture Vessels (.xls)
  • MTT viability assay (Google Doc)
  • Greiss NO assay (Google Doc)
  • Standard curve frequently asked questions (Google Doc)
Florescent Staining
  • Live/Dead analysis of live adherent cells with CellTraker and PE for microscopy (.doc)
  • Apoptosis/Necrosis of non-fixed adherent cells with Invitrogen Apoptosis Kit #3 for microscopy (.doc)
  • Adherent cell ROS staining for flow cytometry (.doc)
  • Adherent cell Superoxide staining for flow cytometry (.doc)
  • Isolation of Human Blood Monocytes (.doc)

MicroPrinting/SU-8 Links

  • MEMS and Nanotechnology Clearinghouse (link)

Journal Search Engines and Other Related Links


Grad School 101 Links

Journal Impact Factors

Help with Developing a Good Lab Notebook

  • From Knox and Stuart at UConn (.pdf)
PowerPoint Help
Poster Help

Advice on Research and Writing

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